Do I get a copy of the email addresses?

No, we only lease our own opt inn propriety database, but you will be uploaded with the e-mail addresses of those who answer to your campaign, this enables you to build up your own e-mail database with up to date contacts.

Why should I use Axium Emailing Marketing when I have my own database?

Axium Marketing’s database is updated daily by our marketing executives, this is mostly done by phone and this can be both time consuming and expensive when you have to update this information from your destination (or simply impossible). Axium Marketing will through the use of our sophisticated software and equipment track useful buyer’s profile, such as his line of production, and what are his immediate needs. We can also include your company’s existing databases in the e-broadcast – duplicates are automatically removed, and we will also let you know how many of your emails were not delivered and why, helping you can clean up your own databases.

Why do I need Axium Marketing when I already know which Tour Operators feature my destination?

If you were an hotel in Cyprus and you were looking for a new market share for your destination we can target whole sale operators who have either presently or in the past being running a program to your region (not only destination), thereby widening the scope of your market segment and optimizing your chances to get a new client.