To send an email is not only fast, your campaign can be ready in 48 hrs, but also very simple.
Here is how it works:

  • You e-mail or call us and let us know which countries and what market segment you want to target (for instance all French and Benelux Incentive Houses/MICE planners)

  • Axium Marketing e-mails you a quote in Euro

  • You email us your text and images (in the format which is easiest for you). In the same way, you can send us your own database in order to couple it with ours. We recommend that the text is around 200 words, and you include ca 5 or 6 images, shorter is better! However if you want the campaign to have more images and text – no problem, it’s your decision.

  • Axium Marketing creative department then formats your message into html, aol and text, and also create a mirror page for the campaign so that those who read their emails in text format will have the possibility of readying the email in html format. We also consult and advise you with regards to contents and layout.

  • Axium Marketing can help you translate your campaign into any European language (German, Italian, French, Spanish or Russian.) The response rate is always better when you send a campaign in the language of your client.

  • You pay by bank transfer or online with your credit card, please go to payment is due in full prior to the execution of the e-marketing campaign.

  • Axium Marketing will e-mail you a copy of the campaign which we propose to send to the client – as if you were the client for your approval. You check the email and return it to us with your written approval for us to send to the pre defined country and market segment of your choice.

  • You give us the email address which you would like us to use as “reply to”, date and time you want the email sent as well as the subject of your campaign (we also advise you with regards to the optimal date and time to conduct your e-marketing campaigns and the importance of the subject heading).

  • The email is then sent by our server to the selected targets on the date and time you have specified, sender email will show your address only and the clients will therefore reply directly to you with their requests for quotes, brochures and info, and at the same time ALLOWING YOU TO BUILD UP YOUR OWN DATABASE.

  • Axium also offer you the tracking of your e-marketing campaigns tourism this means;

    • Letting you know how many emails that were sent
    • How many recipient opened your message (this is the rating of the campaign’s success)
    • How many clicked onwards to your web site or on to one of your links (products)